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Selkirk Duty Mobile x57685 (external: +44 7740 918 599)

Duty Warden hours Mon – Thu: 6pm – 8am, Fri 6pm – Mon 8am (all day on Sat/Sun)

Outside these hours, please contact the hall managers in Falmouth Hall.


Welcome from the Selkirk Team

Firstly, we at Selkirk hall would like to congratulate you on successfully attaining a place at Imperial College and at the best hall of residence therein! Moving to University is for many people the first time they live away from home and this can be a daunting thought, however staying in halls is a very unique experience and we at Selkirk have developed many networks to aid you throughout your first year at university.

We have a support team of current students at both graduate and undergraduate level who live in halls during term time and play various roles in helping students settle in to life in Selkirk hall and can offer practical advice and first hand experience of how to manage your time at Imperial.

We also organise events throughout the year, ranging from barbeques to three-course meals in local hotels, talent shows to day trips to Europe. These are great ways of getting to know your fellow residents and sampling some of the amenities the city of London is most renowned for.

This website also has lots of information about the amenities of the hall and important information for  Moving In Day October the 1st.

We look forward to a great year!

~ The 2022-2023 Selkirk wardening team & hall seniors


You should have now all registered for eHalls. Please use this wonderful system to help us to help you this coming year!