Notes for New Residents

Checklist of actions to make after arrival

Your room

Each room in Selkirk hall is en-suite and every room contains the following:a desk and chair, a desk lamp, wardrobe, wash basket, fan, several wall sockets, bathroom with shower and toilet, bulletin board (80cm x 100cm in size – ideal for small posters) and (of course) a bed for each resident.

You have an Ethernet network port in your room, which is available for you to use once your computer is registered. The hall also has wireless internet access in the communal areas. There will be a telephone in your room; if you have not pre-registered then you will need to register to receive incoming calls (this is free). In order to use it for outgoing calls you will need to credit your account. Unfortunately, it is not possible to assign phone numbers to you until after you have arrived.

Mail will be delivered to the hall if sent to the following address:

[Your name], [Room number] Selkirk Hall
Prince’s Gardens
London SW7 1BF

You will need

There are some things that you will need to bring with you as they will not be provided for you: your own duvet, sheets, pillows, towels and hangers. There are several shops (e.g. Wilco) nearby on Kensington High Street for items you cannot bring with you. Alternatively, this company (unaffiliated with Imperial College) will deliver the items you need to the hall for the start of your stay. We cannot store your empty suitcases, so if at all possible please have them taken home.

If restrictions are lifted and conditions apply we are planning to have at least one formal dinner at some point in the year year. If you have black tie, please bring it but otherwise don’t worry, it’s not mandatory!

College has some useful information on what to bring


Selkirk hall has a well furnished kitchen on every floor with your own locker. Kitchens are shared between 8 to 16 residents (depending on which floor you are on) and are equipped with stoves, ovens, fridge/freezers, microwaves, toasters and kettles. The cleaners clean each kitchen every weekday. Enhanced cleaning will take place as part of Covid measures.

It is imperative that you keep your kitchen clean. We rely on your collaboration too to live in a clean and healthy environment.

You will need

… your own cutlery, flatware, pots, pans, washing-up liquid and towels, and minimal cooking utensils. Space is tight in the kitchens, so please bring only what you really need. Please do not bring any kitchen electrical items (e.g. rice cookers). Safety regulations prohibit microwaves, hot plates, kettles, toasters, etc. in the bedrooms.

Additional facilities

Selkirk has a games/TV room which is open until 11pm each day and contains a large HDTV television and a Playstation 4 games console.

There is also a pay-laundry room with washers, dryers, irons and ironing boards. (Bring your own washing powder, etc.)


Please do not bring a car. There are no places for you to park it. We are lucky that Selkirk has a secure bike shed in its basement, and there is a further protected store on the main campus. You are advised to not bring an expensive bicycle, as these are often targeted by thieves.