Checklist of actions to make after arrival

☐ I have got my card and my keys 🔐

☐ If my card is temporary I need to get a valid ID card asap

☐ The card I was given let me access the main entrance, my room and the kitchen on my floor

☐ I have received the welcome pack 🧴🦠🧴🛁

I have saved in my mobile phone the warden duty mobile number 📲   07740 918599

☐ I have been able to connect to the College Wi-Fi (instructions are on a poster in the  💻


☐ I have registered to the hall social media                         

☐ I have registered with eHalls. (You are also required to upload your photo on eHalls for identification purposes within the hall)

☐ I have registered with a medical doctor (GP) 🩺

☐ I have informed the warden that I have registered with a doctor (GP).

☐ I have set up the software Teams on my computer (this software will be used throughout the year for the delivery of teaching and for meeting in the hall):

☐ I have given myself a big smile and I am ready to start an unforgettable experience.  😁

Yes! Let’s get started  🌟👩‍🎓🌟🧑🏾‍🎓🌟