Checklist of actions to make after arrival

☐ I have got my card and my keys 🔐

☐ If my card is temporary I need to get a valid ID card asap

☐ The card I was given let me access the main entrance, my room and the kitchen on my floor

☐ I have received a sanitising welcome pack 🧴🦠🧴🛁

I have saved in my mobile phone the warden duty mobile number 📲   07740 918599

☐ I have been able to connect to the College Wi-Fi (instructions are on a poster in the  💻


☐ I have registered to the hall social media                         

☐ I have registered with eHalls. (You are also required to upload your photo on eHalls for identification purposes within the hall)

☐ I have checked the government rules about self-isolation and I do not need to self-isolate after arrival in UK. (If you do need to isolate please inform the warden, so you can arrange the logistics with them and they can advise you on what to do)

☐ I have registered with a medical doctor (GP) 🩺

☐ I have informed the warden that I have registered with a doctor (GP).

In exchange the warden has given me the official Selkirk Hall mug and a welcome pack

☐ I have set up the software Teams on my computer (this software will be used throughout the year for the delivery of teaching and for meeting in the hall):

☐ I have given myself a big smile and I am ready to start an unforgettable experience.  😁

Yes! Let’s get started  🌟👩‍🎓🌟🧑🏾‍🎓🌟