The last night in Selkirk: rush to Oddono’s to grab an Italian ice-cream.
Finally a picture of us, after a year of locking down and staying at distance. Enjoy the summer holiday!!
Colourful Selkirk
Fabienne preparing for the hogs BBQ
BBQ drinks (sober)
KK with milkShape
Krispy Kreme orgasms
Plate number one
Plate number two
The PROPER topping
Ready to go
Maple syrup
Fruit bonanza
Impossible to miss
Refreshing smoothies
Selection of toppings
Celebrating sunny days with pancakes: preparation stage.
Ten trays gone in a few minutes
The big Lasagne night: the aftermath

The last and the most…. Bagel Breakfast: the Ham choice
The last and the most…. Bagel Breakfast: the Salmon choice
All ready for the last and the most…. Bagel Breakfast
Pancake breakfast


Merry Xmas
Formal dinner: Marcus top form
Formal dinner: in the dark spot
Formal dinner: East meet West
Formal dinner: a happy table
Formal dinner: too formal
Formal dinner: they look the ones below
Formal dinner: they look the ones above
Formal dinner: the Eastern Seniors
Formal dinner: the Western Seniors
Formal dinner: Ayo & Reehab, very smiley
Formal dinner: the TEAM in table formation
Formal dinner: find the intruder (…..Marcus if you haven’t)
Formal dinner: after dessert
Formal dinner: the yellow tie
Formal dinner: the red tie
Formal dinner: smile, smile, smile
Burbling around
Pretentious waiter… he even got a tip
A satisfied warden
The TEAM in array formation
The TEAM in matrix formation
Group memento
Great Hawaiian team
Agathe & Elizabeth’s lemon slurpy cake
Proud Abbas
Abbas, the winner
Gibson satisfaction
Team working… and eating
Ed’s piece of work
Ben illustrating his recipe
Cakes scrutiny
Give me five
End of baking competition
Busy freshes’ week
Queen’s Tower overall
Our mascot
Moving in day
Getting info from Seniors team
Awating pizza
Intro talk to the new folk
Get ready for the mocktails party
Chilling out in the common room
Continental breakfast
Crispy bacon and baked beans.
“Hot Chilly Selkirk” : our response to artist Maurizio Cattelan’s piece of work with a banana stuck on the wall. We are curious to see if artist David Datuna will eat it too.